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New Strategies for Wicked Problems

A "wicked problem" isn’t one with an evil nature, but a problem that is impossible or difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing...

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The Only Woman in the Room

Norma Petersen Paulus grew up in Depression-era poverty in Eastern Oregon. She survived a bout with polio in her teens, taught herself to be a...

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The Alternate Route

Eventual achievement of nuclear disarmament has been an objective and a dream of the world community since the dawn of the Nuclear Age. Considerable progress...

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Speaking for the River

Since the late 1960s, Oregon has been at the forefront of environmental protection in the United States. The state generally, and Portland in particular, continue...

| paperback | $29.95

Up the Capitol Steps

Up the Capitol Steps is a personal and political memoir by Oregon’s first (and only) woman governor, one of only thirty-four women who have served...

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Oregon Plans

Oregon Plans provides a rich, detailed, and nuanced analysis of the origins and early evolution of Oregon’s nationally renowned land-use planning program. Drawing primarily on...

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To the Promised Land

A comprehensive political history of Oregon, To the Promised Land examines the social and economic changes the state has pioneered over almost two hundred years...

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The Columbia River Treaty Revisited

A project of the Universities Consortium on Columbia River Governance The Columbia River Treaty, passed in 1964, split hydropower and flood control regulation of the...

| paperback | $29.95

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